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Stranger Things 3 has been released recently becoming popular with the blink of your eyes. This season has brought a lot of moments to like. Here the crew saves the world again, but this time we get stories which are age-appropriate for those who started this show from the very beginning.

You will enjoy completely different content which does not look like the previous seasons. In addition to the key plot, you will follow the romances of the characters with all ups and downs. But still the town is threatened by enemies, that is why Eleven and her friends will continue to fight with that evil which never ends. They band together and forget about fear being together. There are new clear goals, epic story, huge moments, symbolism, 80s fashion up to 11, glorious style, and much more. Are you ready for the excitement?

To highlight this release, Roblox has arranged a particular event with promo codes which are given to players solving the puzzles. The codes allow you to redeem virtual items available in the limited amount in particular for this release. Moreover, you are suggested to get two items without any charges. You are suggested to apply energies to get those pleasant gifts if you know how you should do it. If you do not, we are going to instruct you.

Guides to Apply Promo Codes

Roblox Scoops Ahoy Hat and Demogorgon Mask picture

Start playing and enjoy the possibilities. This special event suggests 5 items which should be unlocked by players. Two elements, which you get first, are free and you will easily redeem them going to the Roblox Store. There you are allowed to take Scoops Ahoy Hat and Demogorgon Mask.  To get the left three items, you should make some efforts. Solve correspondent puzzles and get access to them by entering promo codes you gain after successful performance of the task.

Promo Code #1

The first secret you are suggested to crack is about the iconic alphabet wall which was erected by Will's mother in Season 1. If you remember, her name is Joyce Byers, and this role is performed by a famous actress Winona Ryder. This unusual construction was used for communication with her son, who was lost. You will see the lettering G E M I F E I T E N D on that wall and that should be considered as a clue and FEEDING TIME as Promo Code Solution.

Please use this code if you want to receive your items. Go to the site, find a box for promo codes, and enter the code. Then press the "Redeem" button. Now, wait for the response. The system should send a message with the phrase "Promo code successfully redeemed". The only you need is to go to inventory and look for a net item.

Promo Code #2

Roblox Eleven's Mall outfit picture

The second code helps you to get Eleven's Mall outfit. The clue is as follows:

You might think that you know the score,
But among these names is so much more.
Search through the brightest constellations
To find Hawkins' newest summer destination.

Also, you will find the clues on popular social media.

Instagram Clue: Look for the answer with MadMax, and you will know the sequence which should be followed when you type clue words into a relevant box on the Promo Code website.

Let's see: the score of MadMax is 92,314. The four digits commencing from the second one are the sequence of Twitter clue words you should enter (2314).

Facebook Clue: If you look at an image of high scores on a video game machine intently, you will notice that its final three numbers are the same you can find in the following Twitter clues. Replace the numbers in the Twitter clues by the player's name.

Twitter Clue:

• There are great stores (328) at the MALL
• STAR light shines at night (095)
• The Judge (219) is in the COURT Room
• That outfit (298) is back in STYLE

To get all the words, you should enter "STARCOURTMALLSTYLE" in the relevant box on the Roblox Promo Codes website. This is the Promo Code for Eleven's Mall Outfit. Do not forget to press the "Redeem" button and you should receive a "Promo code successfully redeemed" message. After the above things have been done, go to your inventory to get your newly redeemed item.

Promo Code #3

It allows you to get Mike's bike. The clue is:

Swallowed into the belly of the beast, upside down
We charted a course through the thick and the cold
To worldly pavilions, where horrors are found
And under our feet a great plague will unfold.

Check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find new clues.

In order to get Mike's Bike, go to the Roblox Promo Codes website, and enter: RETROCRUISER. Again do not forget to continue with pressing the "Redeem" button. Wait for a "Promo code successfully redeemed" message and head to your inventory to find this redeemed item.

Promo Code #4

Roblox Dustin's 'Camp Know Where' Cap

It is about the way you can get Dustin's 'Camp Know Where' Cap. First, you should go to the Roblox Promo Codes website, find a relevant box, and enter: HAPPYCAMPER. Press the "Redeem" button, get a "Promo code successfully redeemed" message, and take this item in your inventory.

Perfect Event

It is really fun, isn't it! Challenges, puzzles, codes – everything makes you feel thrilled. Even gifts make you think and get off your backside to perform some actions. So goes the world! Or do not you agree that this is a way it should be? Have you tried to follow the instructions and get all those items? Have you found enjoyment in this Roblox's Stranger Things event?

We'll be glad to get feedback and find out which item you like the most. You are welcome to tell us about your experience in the comments below!