Street Fighter 6 Producer is “Very Excited” for Players to See Akuma

Austin Dean
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Street Fighter 6 enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting February 27, marking the arrival of Ed, the game's third DLC character. Accompanying him is the unveiling of a new stage, the Ruined Lab, which may shed light on the enigmatic situation surrounding M. Bison. Nonetheless, what has truly captured the anticipation of fans is the forthcoming inclusion of Akuma, destined as the fourth and ultimate DLC character in the Year 1 Pass, set to debut this spring.

During the IGN Fan Fest, producer Shuhei Matsumoto shared his enthusiasm over Akuma's upcoming appearance, describing him as a character that boasts an incredible design accompanied by spectacular effects. Without divulging too much, Matsumoto expressed the development team's excitement to unveil Akuma to the public, emphasizing the meticulous efforts invested in presenting this character in the best light possible.

Given the timeline, several years have elapsed since the events depicted in Street Fighter 5, hinting at an older visage for Akuma. Preliminary concept art suggests a resemblance to Gouken, his brother and the revered master of both Ryu and Ken, fueling speculation about Akuma's role and potential interactions in the game. Fans are particularly curious about whether Akuma will assume the role of an in-game Master, offering players the opportunity to learn the Satsui no Hado techniques.

As it continues to evolve with each addition to its roster, the anticipation for Akuma's entry illustrates the game's enduring allure and the vibrant community's eagerness for what's next.


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